1. Catalytic α-Arylation of Ketones with Heteroaromatic Esters

  2. Yamatano Orochi: Octaaryl Naphthalenes and Anthracenes

    A synthesis of multiply arylated naphthalenes and anthracenes with eight different substituents has been accomplished.

  3. Cross-coupling of aromatic esters and amides


  4. Synthesis of Multiply Arylated Pyridines

  5. Rh-Catalyzed Regiodivergent Hydrosilylation of Acyl aminocyclopropanes Controlled by Monophosphine Ligands

  6. Decarbonylative Diaryl Ether Synthesis by Pd and Ni Catalysis


  7. Syntheses of Biologically Active ACPAs

    This review focuses on the synthesis of biologically active ACPAs and categorizes synthetic methods used toward such compounds by reaction type

  8. Synthesis of Fully Arylated (Hetero)arenes

    This feature article reports the synthesis of fully arylated (hetero)arenes bearing more than two different aryl substituents, and categorizes this emerging topic by the type of (hetero)arene core and the type of chemistry employed to install the (hetero)aryl substituents.

  9. Direct Arene Assembling Reactions

    This account describes our recent achievements in transition-metal catalyzed aromatic C–H arylation and its applications to the synthesis of bioactive molecules.

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