1. Pd-Catalyzed Dearomative Allylation of Benzyl Phosphates

  2. Synthesis of A Heptaarylisoquinoline: Unusual Disconnection for Constructing Isoquinoline Frameworks

  3. Dibenzofuran Synthesis: Decarbonylative Intramolecular C‐H Arylation of Aromatic Esters


  4. Decarbonylative Methylation of Aromatic Esters by a Nickel Catalyst

  5. Modular Synthesis of Heptaarylindole

  6. Pd‐Catalyzed Decarbonylative C‐H Coupling of Azoles and Aromatic Esters


  7. Decarbonylative Coupling Reaction of Aromatic Esters

    Review for decarbonylative coupling reactions

  8. Thioethers from Thioesters

    A decarbonylative aryl thioether synthesis by nickel catalysis is described. After optimization of the reaction conditions, two air-stable Ni catalytic systems [Ni(OAc)2/PnBu3 and Ni(OAc)2/dppb] were identified.

  9. Synthesis of fully arylated (hetero)arenes by Coupling Reaction

    This review reports the synthesis of fully arylated (hetero)arenes bearing more than two different aryl substituents and categorizes this emerging topic by the type of (hetero)arene core, focusing on the methods employing cross-coupling reaction including direct C–H arylation.

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