Decarbonylative Synthesis of Aryl Nitriles

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Decarbonylative Synthesis of Aryl Nitriles from Aromatic Esters and Organocyanides by a Nickel Catalyst
Iizumi, K.; Kurosawa, M. B.; Isshiki, R.; Muto, K.; Yamaguchi, J.
Synlett 2020, eFirst.

A decarbonylative cyanation of aromatic esters with aminoacetonitriles in the presence of a nickel catalyst was developed. The key to this reaction was the use of a thiophene-based diphosphine ligand, dcypt, permitting the synthesis of aryl nitrile without the generation of stoichiometric metal- or halogen-containing chemical wastes. A wide range of aromatic esters, including heteroarenes and pharmaceutical molecules, can be converted into aryl nitriles.

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